Transcript Rates

Our “off the shelf” transcription prices are listed below. They are not the cheapest on the market but nor are they exorbitant. But caveat emptor: “let the buyer beware” of advertising that offers 98% accuracy: would you be satisfied if there were two typos every 100 words?

GST and tax deductibility

From July 1st, 2015 The Public Sentence is registered for GST. The prices below are exclusive of GST. Please add 10% for GST, which is reclaimable for businesses and organisations. Or, if you are an individual tax-payer, don’t forget to work out if the cost of transcription is tax deductible. If you are a student with neither of those options, please let us know and we will give you a proportional discount. Just ask.

Category and audio quality
 Per audio minute Per audio hour
“Draft” (first pass—no proofing/research)
An accurate transcript suitable for research but not for publication without checking the original audio.
      Good audio/voices, up to 3 voices $2.20 $132.00
      Difficult audio/voices $2.50 $144.00
     Very difficult audio/voices $2.80 $156.00
“Proofed” (proofread and researched)
A proofread transcript suitable for publication.
     Good audio/voices, up to 3 voices $2.80 $168.00
     Difficult audio/voices/research $3.20 $192.00
     Very difficult audio/voices/research $3.60 $216.00

These rates may vary a little: for students, for hard bargainers, and especially for consignments of more than 8 hours of audio, a discounted price may be negotiated. But for short transcripts, unfortunately we need to charge a minimum price of $45.

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