The Public Sentence team

The Public Sentence is made up of a current team of over 20 talented people, each with their own unique gifts. Some are in other full- or part-time work, some are bright university students, and all of them are dedicated to providing the quality you need for your public sentences.

Some of the team are listed below.

Chris, the owner of The Public Sentence, has degrees in engineering, arts and theology, including a doctorate in philosophical hermeneutics. He has published academic theses, peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, online opinion, and op-ed pieces about climate change, science, religion and philosophy. He’s a pedant who risks boring his kids with oft-repeated warnings about essay structure and grammar.

Andrew is a liberal arts graduate who types faster than you can think. He’s also bilingual in Spanish and English, drives anything with a gear box, and leaps tall buildings in a single bound. His eye for misplaced apostrophe’s is unmatched.

Lindy is a gun typist/transcriber and trained as a nurse. She’s a multi-tasker who brought up five boys. She transcribes for the National Library of Australia and ABC Radio National when she’s not reading Agatha Christie.

Zoe is a science graduate and almost a doctor. During breaks from study she enjoys donning headphones and typing. She is glad that backspace is a thing when typing; unfortunately the same cannot be said for her many mistakes on the piano.

Juliet is a student of Spanish, Japanese, and, primarily, linguistics. This means she is capable of reciting the grammarian’s rulebook, though secretly her most favourite utterances are those containing semantic anomalies and morphosyntactic oddities. In addition to covertly collecting data from everyday conversations with her family and friends, she also enjoys being in their company.

Liam studied history and philosophy. He has sometimes been accused of pedantry and is delighted to be exercising this faculty professionally for The Public Sentence.

Anna is a medical student whose favourite punctuation mark is a semi-colon; this has no connection to the human colon, which she also thinks is pretty cool. Although studying is often lots of fun, she’d rather be reading a book in the sun. She dislikes rhymes, but will happily edit them for you!

Matt is a music student who plays the flute terrifically well. He wants to work for The Public Sentence when he has learned to not split his infinitives. Meanwhile he entertains us with Mozart and Mouquet.

So, between us there are few jobs we can’t do—apart from sky-writing.

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