The pen is mightier than the sword … unless it is eviscerated by typos, missing apostrophes, a complement (or compliment?) of split infinitives, and confusions about whether (or weather or wether) it’s practise or practice (and should that have been its?). The list goes on.

If you don’t get your public sentences right, they will return to haunt you.

Whether you are in business or studying, shipping ore to China or writing a thesis; whether it’s an oral history transcript, a shareholder report or an undergrad essay; if you’re selling widgets by email or writing a resume—don’t make a mistake; by your words you will be judged.

The Public Sentence ensures that your words and transcripts are proof-perfect and written in plain prose.

So let’s work together to make your public sentences flawless. Satisfaction is guaranteed or you pay nothing. Period.

Chris and The Public Sentence team